>I’ve read that sooooo many times, and still I keep modifying the patterns just to end frustrated.
¿Remember my intarsia project? Well, I spend all this long weekend (cause of el Día de la Independencia) knitting that special project. And yes, I ended just a few minutes ago.
If you read the previous posts about this project, you know that I started this about 6 times. Firstly because it was knitted from the neck to the waist, and I found it very difficult since it was my first intarsia project. Another modification: the pattern was thinked for intersia, but I did’nt want a think result.

So I started from the waist, casting the 230 sts that the pattern said. But I got afraid about the 2 mts long that mesaures. So, I undid that. My husband do the math according to the gaugue that I have and Ik cast on 170 sts. And keep on going. I must say that about 3 hours ago I started thinking: “this wont fit me, its too small”. But I was not going to stop because of that. After all that effort I will keep on knitting no matter what the result.

This is the result. So, since Im not 12 years old, I cant use it. It still misses the neck and the ribbing, but the size will remains reaaaally small for me. To be honest, Im not sad. Every moment of thisn project was pure learning. And, this is a fact I wasn’t brave enough to tell when I bought the yarn, I really don’t like pullovers!!!! jejejeje… So, this go on sale. And I still have a loooot of this beatiful yarn to knitt something that fits me!.

The taught lesson: As Ingrid from Knitting Help is always reamindig us: TRUST THE PATTERN!

2 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

  1. M dice:

    >It just hit me! It is too long for a 12 year old, and since it is half the wide I need, i just have to knit an exact replica of this and sew it!

    Me gusta

  2. Pioggia dice:

    >Trust the pattern, but as you develop some instincts you’ll learn to trust those too. ¡Ánimo!

    Me gusta


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