>The multi-knitting

>When I started knitting I promised myself to finish every porject I started. And I kind of kept that promise. I started the orange-blue swetaer and I didn’t started anything else until it became two dog sweaters, a scarf and a hat. I started the brown and blue scarf and finished it.. twice. I started the black mohair shrug and finished it… eight times, or so.

Everything went bad when I started my first intardia project. The model I was trying its printed in Viva Poncho, one of my first amazon bought books. I followed the instructions to the letter and something came wrong whit the measurements and the carrying of the yarn. I undo it like three times until I have the certain of doing it right. To do so, I have to rewrite the patterns and simply ignore the instruccions, but again, something was uncalculated (a small detail named gauge), and by row 40, I noticed I was knitting a poncho for an elephant. So, I quit.

Desapointed and desperate I search for odd number yarns in the store. There was a capelet in the Viva Poncho book that inspire me. I didn’t want a capelet, and since I sell the shrugs i made I need one. The capelet is knitted in a zig zag pattern so I desing a shrug in the same colors but different textures. So I started by the waist but re-think the pattern and started the arms instead. And its going well, but I’m trying so many different stitch patterns that at this moment I need a relax for counting stitches. Soooo… I started some sewing projects. Catalina, my singer machine was so abandoned since my knitting obsession that I work with her for 3 days long. I made to shirts, to skirts, a shor kimono, two pijama pants, and a dress-skirt convertion. That is beautifull about sewing, it so easy and quick, the ugly side is that if you make a mistake you can undo it as easy as in knitting.

When I finished the sewing, I started a Xmass shrug for my sister. All in jersey. Easy, away for the counter. But I have to confess that sometimes I missed my intarsia project. So, I assambled it again, and im knitting only 10 rows at a time, so I don’t became desperate.

I don’t like to hava so many projects in progress. I feel terrible with them. Like if everythime
I abandoned them they get depressed. Know, if that is the way I feell about the “still in progress” projects, how do you think I feell about the yarn that hasn’t been touched!

Un comentario Agrega el tuyo

  1. Cheryl dice:

    >Love all of your projects!

    Me gusta


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