>Rain, rain, rain..

>It has been rainnign for two whole days now. The mood is cand of sad, but at the same time its cozy and warm inside. Iv’e been knitting like crazy. Simply can’t stop. So Im enjoying this concentration moment and try to keep the rithym.

Mi amiga Michelle visited me today and was extremely generous in giving me a private concert, since I can stand being in crowds and I can’t assist to her concerts. Im really lucky to have friends like her and Marcela Ro, both of them singers and musicians. And I’m twice lucky to be blessed with their patience and comprehension about my many manías.

Even they are about the same age and both of them are passionate persons, their music is so different. Marcela is now working in pop music, with a big production and a big produced image. Mich is working in a more intimate way, just her voice and her guitar. Marcela’s voice is full, soft and warm. Mich voice is rusty, powerfull, but childish.

The way they both sings make me feel not so frustrated about quiting my own singing voice. And having them signing just for me and my daughters… Its a gift I can thank enough.

So, I dedicate this rainny, warm, full of green tree cups day to my signer friends. To their voice and their will to sing to the world. just like this day is singing to all of us: Im here, don’t forget me.

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  1. >M:Music for you, yes. A lot of songs from my hearth to your’s. I really have a nice afternoon, and don’t forget any of every word you told me. Thank you!. I want my peace back, I need my head stop to run away, I am on a lonely road, and I am traveling, traveling, traveling.I hope it’s better at the end of this trip.Really hope so.Mika

    Me gusta

  2. M dice:

    >Vas a ver que sí flaca. Isn’t it… wider the secrecy now that we write in English?

    Me gusta


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