>A new shrug

>Since my pulpo poncho (as my father-in-law called it) has to be undone, and Im sick of it.. I decided to put it in to rest for a week and finisehd other pfojects. Im starting a shrug for my nieces.

I bought this beautifull yarn in to shades of green and plannign to do this…but with some variations. Cause this is to.. dress up for a teenager.

I allready finished the firsxt sleeve (since the pattern I developed -cause this is a photo form a store of clothing) its just one pice for the body and other for the neck band. So… Im hopping to finish it in a day or two… if I don-t undo it more than 2 times, ofr course.

Promess to post the pattern and the shrug ASAP.

2 Comentarios Agrega el tuyo

  1. >I Really love it!!!!. Can I have someone, please, please, pleaseee?A lot of hughes and kisses.Mika

    Me gusta

  2. M dice:

    >Some? How many? Si mañana vienes, vamos a la tienda de atrás y te escoges unos estambritos y te tejo unas cuantas.Besos y abrazos de retache.M

    Me gusta


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