>My first projects

>This scarf and hat are in their third reencarnation. It all began with a sweater project. I finished it, fold it and save it but after a month I decided it was too ugly, so I undo it. Start a new one, and didn’t fit my husband. Undo it again, start again and begin this scarf.

Note: this hat was my very first crochet project. Just 4 hours in the making and no undos. And yes, he wasn’t happy about being published. Jejeje

That sweater also became two sweaters for my daughters.

This is Kika. She doesn’t enjoy wearing it inside the house. After all, she was born with a better one. But when she travells in the car she loves it. Cause she is a window dog, and when you are 10 years old, cold isn’t a good feeling.

This Dagobah. Probably because she is so skinny she loves hers. Sometimes at night she gets it from the chair on my bedrroms and brign it to me so I can dress her.

With this projects I learned to increase and decrease. And since I didn’t use a pattern, thy fit perfectly, cause I keep on checking how many sts more or less in their bodies. In the neck and in the waist, I add embriodery thread to the yarn. Its a small detail, but it looks really nice.

So, that is for that orange and blue yarn.

The rest of my knitting will be published as soon as I decided not to undo it. Jejeje.


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