>Epilogue: the mom strikes again.

>Two days after the unconfortable visit, the phone rangs and my mom tells me she wants to visit me agian before se goes to her other house (the one where she lives 5 days a week, and its 2 hours driving far away from mine). Not with out doubting, I answer that she is welcomed.

When she arrive a pair o pinkish roses burst in to my face: Para tus hijas. She says. Kika isnt interested in flowers, but Dagobah was intrigued and she almost bite it.

My mom was in the good mood. She tells my about the fabric shopping she did before coming, show me the fabrics. Ask me about my knitting (with out any funny tone in her voice) and chat with me in a simple, enjoyable way. we spent 20 minutes in that zone. I know, because it is always like that, that she is goig to aske me something. I don’t know yet what. It is never money, it is ussually something like a time to sleep, o taking a bath (since her space does not has a shower). But I don’t care. I know beside what ever she is going to aske me, she bring flowers to my dog-daughters, and she spent 20 minutes talking to me, and she is trying to compensate the last visit.

So. My heart is restored. I know the relationship with my mom is always like this. A little up, a long down, an up a gain, and 2 steps down at a time. But it will always be like this. And it better to have a mom, that lost her and know you never try to reach her.

Oh, yes. It was a shower. She she took a bath and hurry to go. But.. who cares????


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